Hello, We welcome you to our website!! The world is developing at a very fast pace and communication has become the key to any successful enterprise. It is one of the most important medium to keep in touch, understand, learn and perform. It gives us an immense pleasure to reach you through this page. We thank you for your time & consideration and look forward to a great relationship together. SURYA Nestbuild Ltd has been our baby since last two decades and it will not be wrong to say that the love for this baby has emerged stronger and stronger as each days passes by. We started our journey together in the year 1993, and since then we have not looked back. We have stepped beyond our magnificent and spontaneous 21 years of service with utmost sincerity, honesty and dedication. From the start, our vision was not only to make profit but also to make the real estate industry dependable and trustworthy. That`s why we have made our corporate slogan, “Exceeding Your Expectation”. We have proved this slogan in reality by designing, completing & handing over all of our projects much ahead of time while following the utmost high quality process & materials. SURYA Group feels proud to have won many hearts and boasts a long lasting relationship with all its customers. It is a great feeling to know that people from all walks of life have appreciated & trusted our honesty, integrity loyalty, and services. We thank all of them from the core of our heart & promise to take it to the next level with utmost care and add more value to it by continuously striving hard & keeping up with everybody’s expectation. We have been consistently turning dreams into realties through our sincere efforts and have not limited ourselves only in buying & selling business. We have a different approach to the business we do, with different thinking and different ways to see the world. Yes, we are unique and stand apart in many ways, because we think selling is not the only part of business. The most important part is working hard with a passion. The thumb rule says, it is the passion which drives your business volumes creating wealth and setting you apart from your competitors. If you are not doing it this way then sooner you will be driven out of any business. Creating a value to the business, educating the clients, listening patiently, and encouraging growth – we follow the right business mix to excel. We have always encouraged a better living environment , while protecting the natural flora & fauna. Accepting our faults, and learning from them does not make us weak but motivates us towards a more meaningful and a sensible human being. New experiences, new thinking, new opportunities to grow, learn and succeed are a part of our working relationship. We continue to learn, unlearn & re-learn because we believe learning is fun and a never ending process. We live the perfect work life balance here and working here is much more fun than fun itself. That’s why life at SURYA is always bliss. Being in the business of real estate it is not an easy task with markets fluctuating most of the times, but remaining calm, composed and unruffled and belief in ourselves and our hard work has always helped us. Constructing the dream homes of people, and marketing international quality homes is our forte. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer delight. We are working hard towards a greener living .Today the biggest opportunity lies in taking a strong position in support of environmental sustainability. Recent studies have shown that buildings account for as much as 40 percent of the earth’s greenhouse gas emissions, which are believed to contribute to climate change. We are including newer and more advanced ways of energy efficient designs and green building policies, process & procedures making a significant impact on improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing climate change. We can contribute to the growing battle against climate change. Our philosophy & our value based beliefs is our success mantra .It is the guiding force towards a better tomorrow. We credit our success to the strong foundation of the business module which is supported by a corporate culture that encourages equality, respect for everybody, teamwork, willingness to learn, innovative thinking and a passion to excel and promote services of highest quality. The high performance & smart delivery is the result of high ethical values, transparency, honesty and a strong urge for value based business in all our actions. We undertake to bring on modern and advanced ways of working and leveraging business. We have continuously emphasized on recruiting and retaining the best personnel, maintaining a responsible management structure and a solid capital base by which we effectively manage the risk in our business. The rendezvous of the interests of employees, shareholders and investors has also been of great importance. At the same time, we strive to attain our goals while earning respect from our customers, vendors, stakeholders, associates and all our competitors. We truly believe that these factors have built our success and will prolong to do so in the future. Last but not the least, we thank God for everything. We thank him for the chances we took and the shots we missed to get something more meaningful worth appreciating. We consider ourselves fortunate, to have got an opportunity to make the dreams of so many people come true with their own homes. Seeing them happy, smiling and contended motivates us and encourages us for more and more. We are ready and geared up to take on more responsibilities and increase the smile on everyone’s faces. Come; let’s be a part of this journey together. Be a part of SURYA family and experience the “joy of living” All the Best!! Keep Smiling. Warm Regards Board of Directors